About This Project

After educators complete professional development, there are very few opportunities for individual feedback on their classroom practice.

Through funding provided by the National Science Foundation, Coaching for Equity in Computer Science is a new initiative focused on studying the impact of coaching on teachers in computer science.

This program is being developed by two organizations, the National Center for Computer Science Education and Code Savvy.

About NCCSE - The National Center for CS Education (NCCSE) champions, researches, and provides equitable computer science education opportunities for K16 students and educators. NCCSE supports over 2,500 teachers and 10,000 students across the country in teaching and learning computer science through curriculum, professional development and other services. The Center works to increase the capacity of school districts and teachers to teach CS, increase access to CS for students, increase the participation of marginalized students and improve the engagement of students in CS learning.

About Code Savvy - A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Code Savvy’s mission is to interrupt and counteract existing gender, racial, and socioeconomic gaps in computing by equipping youth and educators with the knowledge, skills, and support to create with technology. This is done through the development of computer science and technology learning opportunities for people of all backgrounds. By focusing on ensuring access to technology and computational thinking skills, Code Savvy envisions a world where individuals in every community have the tools and skills to use and create the technology they need.

Check out this webinar for a more detailed introduction to the project!